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The program, called the Zephyr Park

Master Plan will evaluate every part of

the park bringing all its amenities under

scrutiny for its contribution to the city’s

appearance and its usefulness to citizens.

“From the smallest grain of sand to

the biggest feature, everything will be

evaluated,” said Gail Hamilton, Zephyrhills

CRA Director. “The many pieces of the

puzzle have to be put together to make the

park everything it should be.”

“The CRA focus will be making the park

a focal point and an entranceway because

it is right at the entrance of the city limits,”

she continued. “We can use the park to

engage the neighborhoods surrounding

it and increase the value of the property

around the park.”

Water will be a major theme used in

creating the master plan, Hamilton said.

“The goal is that when you enter the

park there is no time that you don’t hear,

see or touch water. There will be water

experiences for young and old. We are

“The City of Pure Water” and the park

needs to reflect that.”

The city would like to come up with

a plan that will ensure there is water all

year in Zephyr Lake and that the water

is deep enough for a fountain. Planners

would also like to find a way to keep Zephyr

Creek flowing. Zephyr Creek flows under C

Avenue and south, parallel to Funk Street

carrying water to the Hillsborough River. It

is often dry but Hamilton believes it can be

transformed into a beautiful waterway.

Zephyr Park To Have A Facelift

Musicians connect at Pickin’ In The Park each Sunday at Zephyr Park

Alice Hall, the tennis courts, the handball

courts, horseshoe courts and Water Play

park, which is now 10 years old, will all be

evaluated. Park features made of Florida

limestone, such as the walking bridge, will

be kept and incorporated as a part of the

history of the park. The Florida limestone

features were part of a Works Progress

Administration project.

The master plan will also address

parking, which has been a problem in the

past when large events are held in the park.

The city has taken an online citizen

survey with phenomenal results and has

held a public meeting seeking citizen

input. Watch for additional meetings

in the future.

Pickin’ In the Park

Musicians can connect with other

musicians each Sunday in Zephyr Park.

“Pickin’ In The Park,” as it has been

sometimes called, has lasted for more than

30 years without ever being “organized”

and yet it has a general schedule and set

of rules.

Jamming starts about 7:30 a.m. and ends

about 4 p.m. with the busiest time after

local churches have let out. Anybody is

welcome to play but the understood rule is:

acoustic instruments. The music is gospel,

bluegrass, mountain music and folk styles.

Local banjo player and sign painter Phil

Sarlo was one of the original six who met

in the park in the fall of 1983 to jam as the

result of an ad Phil helped place in

the Zephyrhills News.



Connecting Community &

Zephyr Park will be getting a facelift as part of the local Community Redevelopment Agency’s

efforts to improve the historical heart of the city.